The Time Minders

The Time Minders
New Adult Urban Sci-Fi

My working cover art

Book 1.0 of The Instant Eternity Saga

This is my debut novel, The Time Minders, and the first in a series of four novels that follow my central character, Angela Manning through her four years of higher education and secret agent training.  She gets recruited  into a top secret government agency, because of an ability she didn’t even know she had: she can time travel with the power of her mind.  It’s a little like a cross between Alias (girl secret agent) and Minority Report (precognitive crime-prevention).
Angela learns that just because she’s special and smart, just because she’s becoming some kind of powerful vigilante superhero – it doesn’t mean her life isn’t setting up to be a grueling struggle.

The Time Minders
serves up big helpings of intrigue and frustrated romance, hinting at the possibility of much more intrigue and more frustration to come in future installments, along with the moral ambiguity of genetic engineering, cybernetic implants, and the rise of artificial intelligence.
The Time Minders title, synopsis, characters, and passages are copyrighted.  Any re-transcription or reproduction is prohibited and illegal.  The Time Minders and the Instant Eternity series/saga has not been published yet, but is the intellectual property of Rebecca Lane Beittel.
  1. This sounds great! I’d love to read it!

  2. Veronica Fields

    Beck , this must be published!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to read it!!!!!!!!

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